Blissful Paradise Sdn Bhd Company led by two members of the Board of Directors, where the company is
100% Bumiputera status. Although recently established, but the founder of the company has had extensive experience during 10 years in the field of tourism and event coordination for dinner.

Blissful Paradise Sdn Bhd is the Marketing Agent for Travel Agent throughout Malaysia and International. Blissful Paradise Sdn Bhd has been appointed as Sole Agent for Travel Harmony Egypt in Middle East.

The company previously i.e. Arlief Event Management played a key role in managing projects successfully such as the Corporate Dinner and tourism with event handling seminar abroad.

Past projects have proven successful as the main organizer of various programs within and outside the country such as the Charity Projects (Islamic Relief Malaysia for Gaza and Palestine), Commercial Project, Corporate Events, VIP Event, Coordinator of Tourism and Foreign Students Admission to the local university as a Malaysian Government's "1 Malaysia".

Sunday, 1 January 2012


                            ini adalah promosi utk ke umrah pada Ramadhan thun 2012 .. Dapatkan Sekarang !